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greg wentzel

Are you looking to learn more about the accomplished career of Greg Wentzel? Whether you’re a fan or just curious, we’ve got you covered. For starters, did you know that Greg has over 15 years of experience in qualifying home buyers in the mortgage industry? In this blog post, we’ll delve into his impact and achievements in the business world, his personal message to others, as well as his diversified interests and hobbies. Get ready to be inspired by Greg’s story!

Key Takeaways

  • Greg Wentzel worked in the mortgage industry for over 15 years, helping people buy homes, and was a co-host on 92.3 The Moose.
  • He celebrated 33 years with Mountain West Financial Inc., showing his long-term dedication to the mortgage business.
  • Greg passed away leaving behind lessons on embracing uniqueness by wearing floral Vans with suits, and celebrating important achievements.
  • Apart from business, he had diverse interests including ministry work and passing The Florida Bar exam.

Brief background on Greg Wentzel and his career experience

Greg Wentzel had a voice known by many as the morning show co-host at 92.3 The Moose. His talent also shone in sports, where he was the play by play star on 1340 the Team. Greg’s skills went beyond radio; his work in the mortgage industry spanned more than 15 years, helping people own homes.

He brought experience from being an EVP with Booz Allen Hamilton and held a strong reputation in both finance and broadcasting.

Before Greg shared his wisdom on airwaves and in home buying, he made marks elsewhere too. As an elected PGA member, certified coach, and keen golfer, he taught lessons that reached far wider than just how to swing a club.

Let’s dive into how Greg shaped business through his roles at NEXA Mortgage and other positions over the years.

Connection to Greater Phoenix Area

Wentzel’s career journey led him to the vibrant Greater Phoenix Area. Here, he made his mark qualifying home buyers in the mortgage industry for over 15 years. His expertise and dedication helped many people find their dream homes in this bustling desert region.

As a Morning Show Co-Host at 92.3 The Moose, Wentzel became a familiar voice to locals during their commutes. This role amplified his connection with the community, showcasing his diverse talents beyond business and into broadcasting.

Greg’s Impact and Achievements in the Business World

Greg Wentzel has made a significant impact in the business world, with an impressive tenure and title at NEXA Mortgage, previous experience with Hillrom/Baxter International Inc., and a remarkable 33 years at Mountain West Financial, Inc.

To learn more about his influential career journey, keep reading!

Tenure and title with NEXA Mortgage

Greg Wentzel served as the Morning Show Co-Host at 92.3 The Moose and brought over 15 years of experience in qualifying home buyers to his role with NEXA Mortgage. As an elected PGA member, Greg was also PGA Certified and known for his expertise in the mortgage industry.

His tenure with NEXA Mortgage showcased his dedication to helping individuals secure their dream homes while leaving a lasting impact.

Born on December 1, 1962, Greg Wentzel made significant contributions during his time at NEXA Mortgage and will be remembered for his influential role in the mortgage industry.

Previous experience with Hillrom/Baxter International Inc.

Greg Wentzel had previous experience with Hillrom/Baxter International Inc., where he exhibited his strong business acumen and leadership. This experience added depth to his career, showcasing his ability to excel in different corporate environments.

His tenure at Hillrom/Baxter International Inc. contributed to the diverse skill set that he brought to subsequent roles in the mortgage industry and sports broadcasting, shaping him into a well-rounded professional known for his expertise and impact.

Celebrating 33 years at Mountain West Financial, Inc.

Greg Wentzel has dedicated 33 years to Mountain West Financial, Inc., showcasing his commitment and expertise in the mortgage industry. His tenure reflects his deep understanding of the business and his ability to adapt to its evolving landscape.

Greg’s long-standing association with Mountain West Financial, Inc. signifies his significant contribution to the company’s growth and success over the years.

In this regard, Greg has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s strategies and operations, leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge. As he celebrates 33 years at Mountain West Financial, Inc., it highlights not only his professional accomplishments but also his unwavering dedication to excellence in the mortgage industry.

Moving forward from this incredible milestone, Greg continues to set new benchmarks through his passion for innovation and leadership within the organisation.

Greg’s Personal Message to Others

Embracing uniqueness and individuality, Greg encourages others to celebrate their own milestones and accomplishments. He believes in the importance of staying true to oneself and pursuing passions.

Embracing uniqueness and individuality

Greg Wentzel, a Morning Show Co-Host at 92.3 The Moose, showed the importance of embracing uniqueness and individuality. He was known for wearing embroidered floral high-top Vans with business attire, showcasing his distinct style while excelling in his career as an EVP with Booz Allen Hamilton and making a mark in sports broadcasting as a Play by Play extraordinaire on 1340 the Team.

His diverse interests and hobbies reflected his celebration of individuality.

Greg’s passing has left a void in the mortgage industry and the world of sports broadcasting, highlighting how embracing uniqueness can leave a lasting impact. His unique approach to life serves as an inspiration to celebrate what makes each person extraordinary, just like he did throughout his accomplished career.

Importance of celebrating milestones

Celebrating milestones is important because it allows us to recognize and appreciate our achievements. It provides an opportunity for reflection on the hard work and dedication that have led to success, boosting morale and motivation.

Acknowledging these milestones also encourages others to strive for their own accomplishments, creating a positive and supportive environment. Greg’s successful career in the mortgage industry and his extensive involvement in sports broadcasting embody the significance of celebrating milestones, serving as an inspiration to many.

Now let’s move on to discussing Greg’s diversified interests and hobbies.

Diversified Interests and Hobbies

Greg Wentzel’s diverse interests and hobbies include wearing embroidered floral high-top Vans with business attire, as well as involvement in ministry projects and passing The Florida Bar exam.

Wearing embroidered floral high-top Vans with business attire

Greg Wentzel had a unique style of combining embroidered floral high-top Vans with his business attire, showcasing his individuality and creativity. Despite being in the corporate world, Greg embraced his diversified interests and hobbies, effortlessly blending them into his professional life.

This demonstrated the importance of celebrating one’s uniqueness while excelling in their career.

Moving on to “Involvement in ministry projects and passing The Florida Bar exam”..

Involvement in ministry projects and passing The Florida Bar exam

Greg Wentzel was deeply involved in ministry projects, where he showed a commitment to helping others and making a positive impact. His dedication extended beyond his professional life, as reflected in his passing The Florida Bar exam.

These efforts showcased Greg’s multifaceted nature and his drive to contribute meaningfully to both his community and the legal field.

Moving forward, let’s delve into Greg’s personal message to others, shedding light on embracing uniqueness and celebrating milestones alike.

Final Thoughts from Greg

Greg Wentzel expressed his gratitude for all the support and mentorship he has received throughout his career. He also shared his upcoming plans and goals, showing his optimism for the future.

Gratitude for supporters and mentors

Greg Wentzel expressed deep gratitude for the unwavering support and guidance he received from his mentors and supporters throughout his career. He credited them for shaping him into the successful co-host, mortgage industry leader, and sports broadcaster that he became.

Greg was appreciative of their wisdom, encouragement, and belief in his abilities. His mentors and supporters played a crucial role in helping him navigate through various professional challenges and milestones.

As Greg Wentzel’s journey continues to inspire many, let us also take a moment to appreciate those who have supported us along our paths. Their influence can often be the catalyst for our own success stories.

Upcoming plans and goals.

Reflecting on the support and mentorship that have shaped me, I look forward to continuing my impact in the mortgage industry by providing guidance and expertise to aspiring professionals.

My upcoming plans involve furthering my coaching certifications and education in golf management, as well as exploring opportunities for radio broadcasting mentorship programs. Additionally, I aim to prioritize personal wellness through consistent exercise regimens and mindfulness practices, ensuring a holistic approach to achieving both personal and professional fulfillment.


In conclusion, Greg Wentzel made a significant impact in the business world and his personal message of embracing uniqueness and celebrating milestones resonates deeply. His diverse interests and dedication to ministry projects exemplify his multifaceted personality.

Greg’s gratitude for supporters and mentors reflects his humility and appreciation for those who have influenced him. Looking ahead, his upcoming plans and goals continue to inspire others to pursue their passions with determination.

Ultimately, Greg Wentzel’s legacy leaves an indelible mark on both the mortgage industry and the broader community.


1. Who was Greg Wentzel?

Greg Wentzel was a man who had many jobs like being an intelligence officer, attorney, and radio host.

2. What happened to Greg Wentzel?

Sadly, Greg Wentzel passed away.

3. Did Greg Wentzel have a family?

Yes, he did belong to the Wentzel Family.

4. Was teaching part of Greg Wentzel’s life?

Sure! He worked as a teacher at school where he helped kids learn math subjects like algebra and calculus.

5. Did Greg Wentzel teach in high school?

Yes, his teaching job involved working with high school students.

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