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Upside down Black Pine

Posted in Black Pine cascade, upside down Black Pine with tags , , , , on June 26, 2011 by Greg Wentzel

Here is a wacky idea. My uncle Pete gave me a Black Pine and suggested that I style it as a cascade.  So I wired it up and bent it over the edge of a pot. 

All the while I am thinking this will be a constant battle with gravity. Why not just plant the tree upside down and let it grow upright. After a few years of growing and the tree is ready to train in a bonsai pot I could just flip it over and have a cascade style Black Pine.  Will it work?  Lets find out.

The first step was to punch a hole in a 15 inch square grow tray.

The next step was to wire the tree and plant it upside down in the tray.

I stuffed some sphagnum moss in the hole around the trunk and wired the roots down into the tray. I bent the trunk upright and wrapped some plastic tape around the pot to add some stability.

Here are the 2 trees side by side. One up, one down.  Now we just wait and see how they grow.


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